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Flexible IT Outsourcing Models For Early Stage & Fast Growth Companies.

Building creative products, investing in new ideas, and helping companies grow. Helping young companies drive growth, realize their full potential of their IT projects, and convert breakthrough ideas into winning products.

IT Developement Services!

Technology evolution never ends, and customers’ expectations shift just as fast: we help out clients keep pace with the markets and tools constant change to achieve their ambitions, meet their planned results and thrive in the ever-evolving business environment of global markets. We offer comprehensive, result-centric, streamlined, end-to-end IT outsourcing solutions empowering our clients leverage technology and propel their businesses to new heights.

The efficiency, flexibility, scalability, adaptability, and dependability of our IT outsourcing processes supports clients to successfully execute their digital transformation initiatives, deliver breakthrough digital products and services, and achieve impact and relevance in the global markets. Bleeding-edge technology and creative design are the tools we use to deliver digital products and services that entice, surprise and delight the people who use them.

IT Outsourcing

Do not let any shortage of skills hold you back from opportunities: leverage our IT outsourcing services to execute your technology strategy and move forward faster. We solve your burning digital development issues and toughest business-IT challenges with flexible technical and creative outsourcing solutions.

Delivery Models

Technology Jump powers businesses worldwide through tech development resources. We provide the resources, skills, and competences that drive growth, realize the full potential of your IT projects, and convert breakthrough ideas into winning products.

Our Project Management Professional Services complement and amplify the technology partners’ work, making each delivery stand out and each product fully meet our clients’ expectations. We partner with ambitious, high-potential, fast-growing companies, providing the critical tech skills to deliver competitive products and services to the global markets, and making available the flexible IT and creative skills to design, develop, deploy and manage winning digital platforms that transform industries.

Industry-relevant skills, cutting-edge resources, and quality technology expertise make companies succeed. We organize IT development centers to expand and elevate our clients’ technical capabilities. Clients stay in control of their operations, and can focus on their core business processes, while their Outsourced Development Centers efficiently support the technology development that drives their business.

IT Outsourcing is an essential, ineludible strategic component of modern successful companies and organizations. Technology Jump brings new, innovative capabilities to enhance your entire IT Outsourcing process. From eCommerce Systems to website development, we deliver solutions that execute upon your strategy, drive value across industries, and align investment outcomes with your business objectives. Our managed IT outsourcing services and solutions introduce increased visibility into the IT contracting process, improve coordination of work between remote teams and clients, and effectively deliver cutting-edge, innovative, robust digital products at optimal costs.

What We Deliver

Brand Reputation Management

Build and manage Digital Transformation programs, Manage workflows and production schedules and assess how deliverables are tracking against project milestones. Guarantee operational KPI's across development teams. Make sure the generated value and strategic impact of investments in the digital transformation, Provide visibility into the purpose of investments and objectives across teams and organizations to drive business impact, Manage planning, coordination, execution, communications, and streaming of all projects, Gather 360-degree feedback on product development, and manage adaptive and corrective actions, Manage and centralize all of upstream product development processes, from planning and briefing to collaboration and approvals, Define and monitor OKRs describing how geographically-distributed teams execute upon assigned projects, and quantify how their activities and outputs are aligned with business objectives

Corporates Reputation Management

Define and align technical specifications to strategic goals, Gain alignment providing, visibility into product development dependencies that span teams, functions, projects, and geographies. Centralize product development planning, execution, and governance, Establish systematic processes for managing Change Requests, Standardize workflows across teams and visualize production schedules to better understand each project’s status, Manage the central repository where to store and organize all product development related information, tasks, work in progress, and final assets. Centralizing key activities to monitor what is planned, underway, live, do Optimize the quality, coordination, and timeliness of content delivery Measure project performance with Operational Analytics and KPIs to identify bottlenecks in your development processes and optimize your team coordination.

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