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Creating revolutionary breakthroughs for our clients, partners, and communities.

The future of work is distributed: from the advanced-technologies capitals of Asia and Europe, we provide the tools, methodologies, resources, and teams to support ambitious, high-potential companies and organizations turn ideas into exceptional results that endure.

Flexible IT Outsourcing Models for Startup and Scale-up Businesses.


We provide specialized, sectorial technology capabilities to verify the high-growth potential of new products and services, and assess their sustainable, long-term success. Technology Jump provides the resources, skills, and competences that convert breakthrough ideas into winning products, and drive growth and realize the full potential of young, ambitious firms. We make available the right resources to work on and deliver our clients with our amazing plans


We partner with ambitious, high-potential, fast-growing companies, providing critical tech skills to design, develop, deploy, and manage end-to-end scale-up products and services that transform industries and win customers. A sound technology foundation for a business to be scaled up, Turn-key solutions for end-to-end scale-up, Moving prototypes into market-ready products, Alternative features, positionings, and product-market fit tests, Business model validation


We organize dedicated IT development centers to expand and elevate our clients’ technical capabilities and turn them into ready-to-exit companies. Clients stay in control of their operations and can focus on their core business processes, while the dedicated Outsourced Development Center Team provides the technical skills, cutting-edge resources, and quality technical expertise to drives business and make companies succeed with ease.

Flexible IT Outsourcing Models for Startup and Scale-up Businesses.
  • Technology Jump powers ambitious startups and fast-growing companies worldwide through the tech development skills, competences, and resources that they need to succeed. From hands-on technical leadership to manage strategic initiatives to high-performing engineering teams, we make available the right resources to work on and deliver our clients critical projects:
  • Access fully-customized IT outsourcing engagement and delivery plan designed around your business goals and KPIs to speed up projects’ release cycles and bring products to life sooner. Targeted, comprehensive support at every stage of the digital product development lifecycle.

Project Management and Software Development Services

When clients outsource software development tasks to Technology Jump, we take the role of Project Owner for the assigned product and full responsibility for all key tasks.


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