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Experience Management Systems

Advanced Customer Success and Experience Management tools drive modern marketing and sales operations.

The cross-functional teams managing marketing and sales activities need to base their work on a comprehensive, integrated customer lifecycle view to generate world-class results. They need to manage and integrate all data from: CRM System, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), Personalization Engines, Customer Success Management (CSM) Systems
To effectively and efficiently manage: customer journey, customer experience, customer success.

Customer Success Management (CSM) Systems

All B2B companies based on a subscription business model need to focus on their customers’ success to manage the customer life cycle and drive adoption, renewals, upselling, and advocacy.

Customer success management is the major success factor in SaaS, membership, and service-oriented business models — only by managing long-term relationships is it possible to maximize the customer lifetime value.

We support our clients to organize and manage CSM systems to ensure that their customers are happily engaging with their products and services. Engaged and satisfied customers are profitable customers, the ones driving growth of sales revenues and profitability.

We provide Customer Success Management automation systems to: Gather customer feedback and interpret customer outcomes, Manage ongoing collection and analysis of data and feedback, Use these data to guide customer onboarding and retention strategies and to guide product road map, Define use cases and feature requests.

Managing customer experiences to win in the digital economy.

The rapid evolution of business models in the digital economy is forcing companies on the cutting edge to build tech skills at scale and amplify the impact on operations of their IT systems.

Today’s dominance of the SaaS delivery model and the rapid adoption of subscription-based platforms makes it indispensable for winning companies to leverage integrated, data-driven marketing and sales platforms to manage their manage a growing customer base. We help our clients understand the interlinked details across business and technology, clearly model how marketing and sales processes affect business and economic value and translate these insights into compelling campaigns that attract and convert prospects.

Fire up your campaigns, grow your reach, sell, and cultivate with Technology Jump’s 4Cs Paradigm

Marketing and sales activities are all about firing up campaigns, reaching out to leads, selling, and cultivating acquired clients and customers. World-class, top-performing operating models are all based on advanced marketing and sales technologies. We provide and manage marketing and sales automation systems to improve our clients’ performance in these four crucial areas of activity:
  • Communicate
  • Contact
  • Convince
  • Convert

Personalization Engines

The key enablers to modern digital strategies are the digital platforms for integrated marketing campaigns for both outbound and inbound lead generation, social media activity and marketing automation. The key enablers to modern digital strategies are the digital platforms for integrated marketing campaigns for both outbound and inbound lead generation, social media activity, and marketing automation. Our team combines these platforms with cutting-edge Machine Learning, AI, and advanced analytical tools to automate and scale the 1-to-1 personalized content and messages essential to win the mind and heart of each client.
What we do for our clients as their Digital Marketing Technical lead: Develop data and AI-led personalization strategy and implementation; Manage business analytics to achieve a tangible material impact on clients’ experience and business P&L; Provide business analysts, technology experts, and data scientists, to align end-state architecture, data, and tools with the personalization architecture; Define, oversee, govern and execute the delivery of the personalization strategy; Make available horizontally designed and scalable personalization capabilities Structure and manage B2B Account-based Marketing Platforms including intent engine personalization engine enterprise content management system, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Engagement Platforms.
Customer data platforms (CDPs) to manage digital marketing efforts across all phases of the customer lifecycle — from brand awareness and consideration, to purchase and advocacy.
  • Customer Data Platforms enable the real-time 1-to-1 customer experiences at the foundation of modern, digitally-powered marketing and sales. CDPs determine what, how, and when to communicate with each customer, and provide the real-time customer profiles and data guiding all crucial marketing decisions in real time. Technology Jump helps set up and manage the Customer data platforms (CDPs) that sales and marketing teams use to acquire data from data-rich systems monitoring the customers’ actions in their marketing and sales journey, and decide in real-time the best course of action at each touch point. We support clients use CDPs to consolidate marketing and sales data from across the enterprise — from CRM and loyalty systems to web analytics and media performance — to build rich profiles and audiences.

CRM tools to attract new customers, convert prospects, and engage key accounts

CRM is used for sales forecasting to guide marketing efforts and support our clients’ growth goals. We support our clients to manage CRP tools to:
Better engage, convert, and retain customers, and
Implement and manage segmentation models guiding the delivery of better focused CRM campaigns.
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